About Me

Hello Beautiful Goddess!

Ever wonder is THIS it? Or better yet, how did I end up HERE?

Wowzers that was me! 18 years corporate tax and accounting. I would sit in my cubicle and dream of freedom.

Dream of being when home my kiddo when she got off the school bus. Dream of going on luxurious vacations. Dream of doing whatever I wanted whenever I want.

So I enrolled in every network marketing company there was… 13 companies, 9 years of trying, thousands of dollars and hours later, a gazillion auto ships, broken promises to myself and my daughter, physically, emotionally and spiritually wiped out….

Until I discovered this…Personal Franchising.

In 150 days, I was able to quit my full time 6 figure income, 208 days I hit the top of the payout level and begin to create a life I love!

Now I run an automated personal franchise business that absolutely anyone can do, regardless of your location, your background, or even your skill sets. I want to show you exactly how you can have the freedom you want too, by leveraging the internet and social media!

You deserve exquisite JOY, freedom, fun and family, and the internet is your vehicle to do so. Align yourself and your life for your greatest highest good! Freedom is on the inside!

What People Say

From The Desk Of Jayme Zimmer
   -Single Mom-preneur

Shannon, I have done network marketing before and the people that I worked with were great but they were not leaders in a way that had me see WHAT WAS POSSIBLE.   

They were good at the big picture but we were unable to dig in and make me GET TO what will make THE difference in having it come to life. 

And I know that I need to be developing the skills to offer that to other people as I move forward as well. 

Ok, huge acknowledgement to you for a freakin powerful coaching today! Got all my concerns answered and I’m empowered to take some ACTION! With systems that work for me!!!

Can’t say enough how amazing it is to work with leaders that are this knowledgeable, experienced and mostly, want to see others design the life they want… and teach us to have others get the same!

You have offered me partnership (leadership) in identifying what I’m fully committed to in my life. This clarity allows me to be fully self expressed with people and taking action in a way I’ve never been before.

Jennifer Langston


“Shannon has made a profound difference! She has helped me identify what it was I wanted in my life … my purpose. We looked at what’s truly important to me – what I was doing that didn’t work and identified what did and how to continue to attract my target market through social media. I am well on my way to creating the life I’ve always wanted – with joy, abundance and freedom. She’s helped me launch a business one year ago and add a new component in the last 6 months. As a single mom working from home – I couldn’t be more excited or blessed to have found such an amazing woman!!! Grateful 🙂”

Beverly Schlag


“Shannon has helped me live a life with energy, joy and peace. I have amazing communication with my kids, and an incredible relationship with my husband. I’m living a life from a place of abundance.”

Stephanie Galvin


“Shannon has helped me in reconnecting with myself, having a space of an open heart and unconditional love for me, today I live a life filled with freedom, joy, and abundance. I am more in love with my husband than ever before. I have created deep friendships I never thought possible. My children and I have an open line of communication  and I created my own program targeted to women just like me, launching in February. I am excited and fulfilled more than I have ever been.

Shannon is a GAME CHANGER.”

Let’s build something together.